Sonntag, 23. März 2008

The End

This blog captures impressions of my stay in Japan. It was a wonderful time and an amazing experience. I appreciate the opportunity of experiencing this wonderful country – and I'd like to thank those people who rendered these unforgettable moments possible. You know who you are...

Domo arigato gozaimashita.

Saraba Nihon yo.


shinsha, Marek-san

This blog will not be updated anymore.

Beijing, China

Sure, Louis Vuitton designs steering wheels and seat covers - in CHINA!!!
H5N1 - all i say.
Big Commie Plaza
These things are Taxis in Beijing. The driver ment to me the other night that he would give me a cheap ride. Well, i would have accepted his offer if the front light and the seatbelt would have been working... -freakin psyched!
Coco and me
mmmhhh, delicious - what are we gonna have for dinner tonight?!?
maybe some turtles? - no crap, you can eat them at restaurants! it will be better - see some pix further down


the Temple of Heaven

Soldier of Fortune 5000
The Forbidden City
Ahhh, I know: lets have some Sea horses...
Or maybe some scorpions?
Naaa, I will go for the millepedes, larvals, snakes, cockroaches and those other insects...

the Great Wall

And finally: DOG

Chinese New Year
nice color...
The Summer Palace
with the Great Wall in the back
Adrian and me - no, jo, da samma oba zwa Kasperl
immer lustig drauf die langen...

und zum Schluss: Olympic Stadium

Hey Adrian, Coco, thanx alot for the great times and all the expiriences!
It was a blast!

Good Bye Makuhari

my last unofficial working day - Jan 30, 2008
Mission complete!

good-bye Keiyo Line!

Good bye Makuhari!!!